Our Philosophy

An exceptional experience leads to an exceptional smile

Woman sitting at dentist office and consulting with her male dentist in Malvern

Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide you, as a patient, with the best experience you’ve had in a dental office. After years of working with patients I have learned that many are fearful and anxious of dental work because of a bad experience they have had in the past. Every day, I hear a new story from someone, about a terrible past experience. Our caring and compassionate team understands. And fortunately, many advances in dental materials, equipment and techniques have made dentistry faster, easier, more efficient, more comfortable and less painful. We know that if you have a great experience with us, you will be back and we can help you find, keep and maintain the beautiful smile you are looking for, and Smile with Pride!

Our Philosphy

Our philosophy is to meet and exceed the Standard of Care. The Standard of Care is defined as: The level and type of care that a reasonably competent and skilled professional with similar back ground within the same community would also provide. Well, what the heck does that mean? It essentially means the unwritten minimum level of care, a qualified (licensed) and reputable (good) provider, should be performing for treatment which has a good expected out come. Not cutting corners. Not attempting un-proven techniques.

Our Goal

Our goal is to not only meet, but exceed that standard. Our Job is to identify areas of concern (diagnose relevant conditions) inform you of available treatment options, and assist you in choosing the plan which is best for you. Many factors may influence this decision for you: cost, time, pain or discomfort from a procedure, or the ability to function. We will explain all of these influencing factors to you. But, the ultimate treatment choice is yours to make, with our guidance and recommendations.
Smile with Pride: (501) 337-4908
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